Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ramble ramble ramble

Ok, I thought i'd give this blog some content, and jot down some thoughts during this time of sleeplessness

For starters, lately i have been improving on my art, most of which is posted to my FA acct
and also my music which I mostly produce melodic trance mixes with deep emotion and lots of energy

But as of tonight i kinda hit another road block, The kinda road block I was hoping not to hit again
its that feeling of not being able to do anything, its like i try to practice but i get no where and everything i do ends up being junk, and it didn't help that all day today and as of late I have been horribly lazy,
and makes me feel really bad that i;m not doing anything around here, I watch as everything falls apart around us and money goes out the door, and i'm not able to help bring in any of my own..

I wish I as motivated to actually do something around here, I made my promises to help this house become less boring and poor, and I'm not carrying out my statements..


Hopefully this horrid feeling passes and I can just be free of this depression and an lack of motivation to do anything productive
Being productive is something I actually enjoy! so why is it so hard for me to do it?
I used to love tinkering with things, but i guess all this lack of money has kept me from moving forward

I really need a job.. and I gotta get my head out of the Fog and get some applications out
I'm really desperate for a job, and i'm really considering going out ward public to get one
Ex. Youtube videos, Emails to companys, Facebook page, anything...

I just wanna help make income in this house..

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